German WW II Officers Chinstraps

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German WW II Officers Chinstraps

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Item #GHG-020

German WW II Officers Chinstraps

(A) Standard silver aluminum bullion wire pattern, strap is 12-1/2 inches long. Used with some light wear and age. Exc. + $55.00


(B) RZM marked officer pattern strap made of light grey celleon cord with paper RZM tag attached to end, have several. Would think they were for any political type visor hat that had silver chinstrap. Straps are unused with light age and are 13-1/2 inches long. Near Mint $50.00


(C) Late war pattern Army/Luftwafe/WSS Chinstrap. Strap is made of silver grey celleon cord and is used with some age to the color from field use, little yellow brown, have seen these on a lot of late war Army visor hats over the last 50 years. Strap is nice with just the age to the color and is about 12-1/2 inches long. Exc. $ 45.00


(D) Late War Luftwaffe Officer Chinstrap. I have only seen these on Luftwaffe late war visor hats. Strap is bullion wire and has blue grey color, have also seen the piping this color on the late war Luft. officers hats. Used with light wear and age and is about 12 inches long. Exc. + $45.00


(E) Teno Officer Chinstrap. Silver aluminum with black interwoven cords. Looks unused with some light age and wear and is about 12 inches long. Exc. + $60.00 RARE