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German WWII Uniforms
Luftwaffe Obergefreiter of Flight & Paratroops "Fliegerbluse"

Luftwaffe Obergefreiter of Flight & Paratroops "Fliegerbluse"

Tunic is made of issue quality blue grey wool with to lower hip pockets with five button front, buttons are the blue grey large glass type buttons, The collar tabs are golden yellow with three grey zinc metal gulls on each, tabs are machine sewn to collar, they show field wear with age, dirty and dusty looking. The shoulder boards are made of the same type wool with golden yellow silk rayon type piping, standard issue quality and are slip on type. The shoulder boards button and the pocket buttons are the metal type with pebbled finish, all four are missing the painted finish, just worn off. Breast eagle is the standard type, machine woven in light grey on blue grey wool and machine sewn to tunic, it also shows field wear but still nice. Tunic has loops for ribbon bar and two badges. Left sleeve has two silver aluminum chevrons on blue grey wool for Obergefreiter rank, also on lower cuff there is Ordnance personnel specialty badge, light grey on blue grey, both sleeve rank and specialty badge are hand sewn to the sleeve. The inside is lined with the grey blue cotton material, with two inside pockets, has marking but you can no longer make anything out of them. Overall tunic looks very nice, material is worn but still nice, little dusty looking from field use.
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