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German Edged Weapons

Ground SA Rohm Dagger

Ground SA Rohm Dagger
Early dagger with nickel fitting, dagger has never been cleaned. The cross guard are yellow with age, but are very nice, the wood grip is nice with nickel grip eagle with enamel SA grip insignia, the bottom cross guard is marked with Roman numeral I this is for NSKK or SS, but his is the way it came from the Vet. Motto side of the blade is very bright and clean with light age, motto is nice and sharp, the back side is ground and un-polished, even maker was ground off, you can see only a very small part of the Rohm dedication. The scabbard has matching nickel fittings, yellowed from age, the brown anodize finish is still strong with some of the lacquer finish remaining. Overall un-cleaned in 70 years with light wartime wear and age.
Exc. $800.00 RARE