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493 - 1
Rising Sun Flag. Made of light weight silk, printed red on white. Has no ties, about size 29 inches wide by 36 inches long. Has some minor pin type hole. Overall very nice looking flag, shows age and wear. Exc + $ 200.00

493 - 2
Japanese Flag. Made of white silk with printed red circle with Japanese black ink characters. Flag is about 26 inches wide by 37 inches long, with two leather and cord hanger on end. Overall very nice with minor wear and age.
HIGH Exc + $ 250.00 VERY NICE

493 - 3
Japanese Flag. Made of white cotton material with printed red circle. Flag is very dirty and splattered with blood stains, with two cord type tie on one end. Flag is about size 31 inches long by 27 inches wide. Overall very nice looking battle type flag, has some minor holes from were blood has eaten the material.
Overall Exc $ 150.00